How to Write Body Paragraphs on Who Can Be a Hero

In an essay, every part is vital and the energy one uses to start must be evenly distributed. The body of an essay builds on the thesis statement. It often has several arguments which in a way help to reinforce and affirm the thesis. While writing the body, your sentences must be clear, and each paragraph must present its point. Additionally, every argument must be followed by supporting sentences which can include appropriate quotations or citations. You should avoid digressing and ensure you stay on topic. Finally, your essay must flow seamlessly. Transition words must be used to help usher in new ideas and arguments.

Example of 1st Paragraph

In most instances, people draw global admiration when they do simple things in life. For example, Mother Teresa is widely regarded as a heroine because of her love for other people. Mother Teresa loved helping people and spent most of her life serving the poor. The whole world bows to her and considers her a person of impeccable standards and qualities. By simply loving people, she was able to remind the world about the simple yet inherently important value of loving one’s neighbor. She is always celebrated as a heroine, and no, she was never endowed with any supernatural ability.

Example of 2nd Paragraph

Anyone can be a hero and a good yet often overlooked example of heroes are the people who respect other people as well as the rule of law. No one will ever come out and celebrate this lot, but the truth is their choice of peace is one that helps to keep most countries peaceful. Instead of choosing the easy way of disobeying all rules and living like rebels, these people choose to honor and respect their countries as well as the laws of the land.

Example of 3rd Paragraph

People who embrace the qualities of honesty and integrity are also heroes. It takes one dishonest man to cause chaos, but whenever honest men stand their ground, trouble is often averted. Men of integrity also qualify to be called and celebrated as heroes. Take, for example, the government officials, a majority of them find themselves in positions of influence and where they have access to a country’s resources. While some look at their positions as opportunities, others look at their positions as responsibilities and therefore, refuse to take part in any fraud activities. These individuals are also heroes and should be celebrated.

How to Conclude Essay on Who Can Be a Hero

As earlier stated, one should distribute their energy evenly and ensure they can grow and develop their ideas coherently and consistently. The conclusion is as important as the introduction and body. Therefore, ensure you finish strongly.

As you conclude, remember not to include any new information and ensure your conclusion is short. You should restate your thesis statement and provide a summary of the main points of your essay. Additionally, remember to finish with something engaging, and that will gift your readers something to think about beyond your article.

Example of Conclusion

In conclusion, everyone can be a hero regardless of their race, background, age, or occupation. Heroes are not defined by their physical attributes but by the values they hold, their resolve to hold their ground, and finally, their quest to serve. And would you rather have a hero you can relate to or one who is superior to you in everything? I prefer the former, what of you?


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